Rescue Alive

Rescue Alive in action

Rescue Alive in action

Rescue Alive By K&K Products, LLC has been a trusted and valued Ice Rescue Tool for First Responders everywhere for many years. Rescue Alive provides the most stable platform available and is quickly deployed as there is no inflation required saving precious time.

🇺🇸 Proudly Made in the USA! 🇺🇸

Ice Rescues are dangerous and physically demanding. No one should attempt an Ice Rescue without proper equipment and training.

Ice Rescue Sled in the Water

Go Package

This package outfits one rescuer with the basic equipment necessary to safely attempt a Surface Ice Rescue. Includes : 

  • 1- Survitec 1500 Ice Rescue Suit 
  • 1- 300 Ft. Line. Tender Kit
  • 1-75 Ft. Throw Bag with Pick of Life Awls
  • 1- NRS Pro Tec Helmet

Pricing : 

  • $1,290.00 + Shipping

Go Package and Back Up

This package outfits a primary and backup rescuer with the necessary equipment to safely attempt a Surface Ice Rescue. Includes: 

  • 2- Survitec 1500 Ice Rescue Suits 
  • 2- 300 Ft. Line. Tender Kit
  • 2-75 Ft. Throw Bags with Pick of Life Ice Awls
  • 2- NRS Pro Tec Helmets

Pricing : 

  • $2580.00 + Shipping

300Ft. line Tender Kit

The 300 Ft. Line  Tender Kit comes in either Red or Yellow.Includes: 

  • 300 Ft. of 7/16th Sterling Floating Water line Red or Yellow packed in shoulder strap bag set up with aluminum carabiner and fire brigade style carabiner 


  • $439.00 + Shipping
  • Also available in 3/8 ” Floating Water line, call for a quote. 

Unboxing and Set Up Playlist for Rescue Alive

Rescue Alive Unboxing, Set Up, and Break Down Playlist