Pick Pocket Throw Bag


This is a shore based rescue device with Pick- of – Life self rescue awls included.

The safety orange and black throwbag includes a 75 foot Sterling Manufacturing Float Rope, and one set of Pick- of- Life ice rescue awls.


Pick Pocket Throw Bag an essential water rescue tool. Made with a Hi Vis Nylon top with draw string closure Includes 75 ft. of Sterling 3/8” floating line.  Features strap for ease of carrying and throwing, Pick Pocket with Pick of Life Ice Awls which make this bag your choice for self-rescue and shore-based rescue attempts.

Valuable tool for first responders, Police, Rescue Squads and Emergency personnel.

75 feet of 3/8″ floating rope.

Breathable fabric bag allows for drying.

Reflective cover.

Pick Pocket Ice Rescue Awls included.

How to use a throw bag: Rescuer on shore handles the Pick Pocket throw bag while another rescuer is ready as a backup. The Rescuer opens the Throw bag and dispenses a few yards or meters of rope. Hold the rope with your dominant hand then throw the bag with the rest of the rope inside to the victim. Have the victim grab the Throw bag and remove the Pick of Life Ice Awls. They can then use the Pick of Life Ice Awls and be pulled to safety by the shore-based rescuers.

It is highly recommended by Rescue Training Professionals that all rescuers practice utilizes a throw bag before a rescue situation requires it. Make sure you check your equipment and practice so your ready when time is critical.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 7 in

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