The Pick of Life Ice Awls


The PICK-Of-Life ice awls, is a self rescue tool that has become required equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, rescuers, forest rangers, and the environmental police.

The awls are connected with a 72” GloCord to provide enough length to string the awls through coat sleeves.  And still be readily accessible The patented GloCord reflects light to make night searches faster.

Some of our outstanding features of the Pick of Life Ice Awls others don’t have:

  • Retractable pick covers to protect clothing and skin;
  • GloCord that reflects light and makes the cord highly visible when hit by light;
  • Extensive ice safety guide included with each pair;
  • Unsinkable, patented design
  • Inserted foam core to resist freezing
  • Highly visible international orange color.

The Pick-of-Life is a life saving tool for anyone venturing out onto the ice. Rescue professionals, ice fisherman, snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts rely on the Pick-of-Life as standard safety equipment.

The Pick-of-Life provides solid hand holds enabling a victim to climb out of a hole in the ice. With retractable covers that protect you from the pick, these handy little picks are also unsinkable.
Endorsed by the Snowmobile Safety

Carry the Pick Pocket Throw Bag which is a shore-based rescue tool. It has a 75 foot floating rope and the Pick of Life Self Rescue Ice Awls in a ready to use pocket.


The Pick of Life Ice Awls are lifesaving self-rescue awls that allows a person to pull themselves to safety. The Pick- of -Life awls are manufactured from engineering grade plastic, with aircraft aluminum spikes, and a six-foot orange glow cord with reflective tracers. The cords float and long enough to use.

The Pick of Life Ice Awls has six-foot cord which allows you to place them in a pocket and retain them when you fall. Cheaply made imported competitors have short 18″ cords which are not long enough to keep them secure, and they also sink immediately if dropped in the water.  They do you no good if they are at the bottom of the lake.

Here are some safety tips if you do fall through the ice:

Immediately cover your mouth and nose, the shock of icy cold water can cause you to gasp.

When trying to crawl out, lean your forearms on the ice mantle and spread your weight out as much as possible.

Use short arm reaches to dig into the ice with the Pick of Life Ice Awls.

Kick your feet as if you are swimming to help propel you forward.

Once on top of the ice stay face down and use the Pick of Life to pull yourself to shore. Standing up may cause you to break through again.

Information about Ice:

Ice thickness varies on the same body of water.

Ice should be checked in several places before walking on it.

Move slowly and slide your feet to avoid placing all your weight on one foot.

Carry a walking stick and tap the ice as you walk. A hard resonant sound usually indicates good ice, a dull thud signifies weak ice.

River Ice is weaker than lake ice due to currents.

Underground springs weaken ice.

Perimeter ice is weaker than ice further out from shore.

Strong winds reduce ice formation while light winds speed it up.

Standing in water on top if ice erodes the ice.

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