Wild Water Snag Plate


The wild water snag plate can allow you to snag an existing rope to add another rope for control. The one piece simple design has hooks on the lower side to grab the rope. It is light weight and easy to carry.


Wild Water Snag Plate enables you to be ready for swift water rescue!

Current throw bag technology does not allow for fast and efficient access to another throw rope in the water when conducting emergency river rescue. Swiftwater rescue requires immediate response and reliable equipment, training, and technique. Efficiency is a necessity and having the right equipment can make the difference when every second counts.

The Wild Water Snag Plate allows the user to snag and pull in a rope with a standard throw bag. Once installed in the bag, it will always be ready when needed. The Snag Plate is made of a stronger composite material. Install the Snag Plate in your throw bag by threading it on the rope and stowing it in the bottom of the bag. To use the Snag Plate, simply empty the bag of rope, expose the plate, add weight to the bag using rocks or other available objects. Toss it out over the rope you want to retrieve and haul it in. There is no longer a need to carry costly additional equipment. The Wild Water Snag Plate can be added to any standard throw bag. Once installed in the bottom of the throw bag, it does not interfere with normal throw bag use.

Made from heavy duty plastic and molded in bright yellow so easily seen in the water. Specially designed arms are designed to snag ropes. Easy to use and light weight to carry. Gain more rope control when doing a wild or swift water rescue. It also very inexpensive and will last for many years. Designed and manufactured in Pittsfield, Massachusetts USA!

The Pick Pocket Throw Bag is a great additional product for water rescue and click the link below to read more details.

Pick Pocket Throw Bag | K&K Products LLC (icerescuesled.com)

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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