Rescue Alive is a trusted ice rescue sled for many first responders all over the world. Rescue Alive weighs 88 lbs. with a width of 14 inches, a height of 38 inches, and a length of 89 inches with over 600 lbs. of buoyancy. The size of the Rescue Alive sled makes the product portable and easy to deploy.

The Rescue Alive sled creates a stable platform on any condition during a ice and water rescue. The sled allows the rescuer to run or paddle towards the victim quickly and attach the victim to the sled for a secure and safe rescue for both the first responder and victim. Check out the Rescue Alive Page to see this product in action.


Since 1993 Rescue Alive has remained a top choice by Fire Departments and 1st Responders. With the safety of the rescuer being paramount the Rescue Alive provides 600 lbs. of buoyancy and 22 square ft. of pontoon surface allowing the rescuer to traverse thin ice to reach a victim.

Easily stored and transported on most vehicles the sled can be deployed in seconds.



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Weight 112 lbs
Dimensions 91 × 39 × 16 in

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