Water Rescue Jaws an 18-foot reach pole



Water Rescue Jaws

Water Rescue Jaws an 18-foot reach pole. reach pole that provides an un-broken chain of effort to recover a submerged victim until a dive team arrives.
Water Rescue Jaws works easily. A short downward thrust opens the tongs to a width of 43 inches. Due to the central pivot point, the tongs automatically close when the downward motion stops. As the victim is lifted to the surface, the upward movement through water, along with the force of gravity, keeps the water rescue jaws securely closed around the victim. The tongs are made of blunt ended aluminum to avoid puncturing the victim’s skin.
Water Rescue Jaws an 18-foot reach pole is made to last for years and part of a family of rescue equipment we manufacture and sell.

Additional Rescue equipment options we offer.

Emergency Response Package which enables first responders to do basic water rescue. 

Includes Rescue helmet, Personal flotation device, Throw bag with 75 feet of rope and mesh duffle bag for storage and transport.

Wild Water Snag Plate enables you to be ready for swift water rescue!

The wild water snag plate can allow you to snag an existing rope to add another rope for control. The one-piece simple design has hooks on the lower side to grab the rope. It is light weight and easy to carry.Current Throw bag technology does not allow for fast and efficient access to another throw rope in the water when conducting emergency river rescue. Swiftwater rescue requires immediate response and reliable equipment, training, and technique. Efficiency is a necessity and having the right equipment can make the difference when every second counts.

Pick Pocket Throw Bag

This is a shore-based rescue device with Pick- of – Life self-rescue awls included. The safety orange and black Throw bag includes a 75 foot Sterling Manufacturing Float Rope, and one set of Pick- of- Life ice rescue awls.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 4 in

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